I saw an Ibanez RG120 at a music store today. It was used, but it was in pretty good condition. It had a small scratch but when you put your arm over the guitar to play you can't see it. The frets and the neck are really nice, but the guitar is kinda dusty obviously because it's used and it's been sitting there for a while. It's $140, do you guys think it's worth it? BTW this is my first guitar.
if it'll stay in tune, get it
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In that store the prices are negotiable it's very possible that I can get it for $120.
Hell no. I got mine at guitar center new for 109.00 plus tax.

Good first guitar but the price is a little high if used, unless its got non stock pickups or something
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Go for it.

But don't pay the price it's displayed for. Bargin them down or try and get afew things in there like a strap, plectrums or gig bag etc. or even a free set-up like customisbetter said.