Hey, new here!

I am in need of help and tips in order to obtain tone's similar to the edge's tone on U2 tracks "Breathe" and "Get on your boots"

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If it helps, I use the BOSS ME-50 and Peavy Bandit 112 Amp.
im pretty sure the edge uses like 200 effects at once or something ridiculous like that


valveking 112

markley tuner
Ernie Ball Wah
digitech whammy
fulltone ocd
usa big muff
boss dd7
boss rc-2

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hey, just a note, because you're new.

they don't like tone suggestion threads, from the stickies in accessories...
Settings threads:
Everyone's rig is different; everyone's ear is different. Settings that work for you do not work for the next person. Therefore, settings threads are not allowed as they are not productive.

anyway, for the edge, get a delay pedal.
edit: i think you'll have delay in that me-50 so just be sure to go heavy wt it.

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