ok so i went to gutiar center finally and tried out a seagull. entourage i think. it was a rustic dreadnought. i think it was http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seagull-Entourage-Series-Dreadnought-QI-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-516906-i1393684.gc

It was amazing. but is this the same as http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seagull-S6-Entourage-Acoustic-Guitar-104990767-i1171384.gc
just no electronics? whats the dif. cuz they didnt have the entourage s6

and i played a bunch but this takamine i played i think a g34sc was amazing. kinda metalic sound but i didnt have a pick. and it played great.

is there anyone one with any of these guitars that can tell me whats good or bad about it. thnx in advance
Yes, the two seagulls are the same thing. One, as you said, is the A/E version.

I really can't give you much of an opinion here though. Seagulls and Takamines are my favorite acoustic guitars, and personally I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
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oke good. i dont think the seagull i played was tuned, i didnt bother to tune it. but the highs didnt pop out as much as i wanted but the tone was amazing. the neck was smooth and thin, and the strings i know are cheap but felt really good since it was like slinky (very bendable not hard).

the takamine was good but kida to high, like metalic kinda, and a lot of buzz, maybe it was just me.

but the difference in price is about 15 bucks i prob will go wit the seagull. and i love the finish better then normal finishes, but only bad part is no pick gaurd....should i be worried?
ya thanx a bunch you helped me a lot. i do love bassy but i was playing which my hands so maybe thats why it was more bassy. next time i go ill bring a pick. and i will handle this thing like its my baby. my bass ive had for a year has no deep scratches, or seeable scratches.

and does this guitar go good with a voice....my bro was in the room and hate to sing when people can hear me