That was quite awesome.
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Definitely more Pop-punk than happy melodic death metal but who cares, it's just a title :P

The intro, since it was quite a long riff, repeating it made feel pretty repetitive for me, play just once maybe, but hearing a recording with lyrics would obviously change that.

Bar 11: Really like that sweep. It's, so... happy you know :P

In bar 48, it flowed weirdly for me into bar 49. I took away one of the C#'s and it sounded better to me. Maybe try it out.

Bar 50 + Bar 54 (notes are different but you will understand): i think continuing the descending idea down to the D (10 9 7 5) would sound better because you almost expect it and then it just doesn't come.

Otherwise, very nice! I'm a real sucker for this style of rif***e because they're just so enjoyable to listen to, I guess that's why they label it is as "Happy" :P
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This better have some damn brutal vocals over it.
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Thanks for the crit 21fretter. I'll look over the stuff you talked about.

DaddyTwoFoot...it is kinda supposed to be instrumental hahah.
This sounds like one of those parodies where they change a song that goes from a minor key to major, NOT IN A BAD WAY.

The song is upbeat and fun to listen to. I don't like pop punk NOR much metalcore so I can't say I would listen to this song but it is fun to listen to, made me a good mood.

Try your skills with something darker, I bet you can do it.

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LOL, for some reason the impression I get from you is like some wacky Frank Zappa of metal pulling pranks at the Grammys and telling crude jokes during interviews.