i'm looking for a guitar to play hard BM stuff.

The pickups aren't an issue as i can change them later on easily. I just need good woods and solid construction, something that stays in tune ffs.

So what's a good guitar under 600e that features mahogany, has powerfull heavy tone and stays in tune?

thanks in advance
look around on craigslist. I know of some really nice ibanez guitars that have a deep heavy metal tone and tuning locks as well at GC for less that 600. so you could get a nice amp with it.
what's your amp?

but talking Ibanez's, it really depends on what you're looking for. If you need a trem, then I would get an RG or S, but it's hard to change tunings on an FR. If you change tunings a lot, and you dont need a trem, then an RG with fixed bridge is fine. The X series have the same stuff but with extreme shapes. I would change the trem if I got a Xyphos, because the trem is sh*t.

You can also look into jackson pro series (not "profesional", thse were chaep things). Something like a Kelly, Warrior, V or Dinky. A low end soloist would be better.

ESP makes awesome stuff too. I would get an EX, V, M or Eclipse. Make shure to get a 400-450-500-600 or 1000, because those are really good, while the ones below wouldn't be much of an upgrade. Some Japan ESPs can even gow at super low prices. Check the Edwards and Navigators too (esp subsidiaries with awesome quality)

Those are basically the 3 metal guitar brands. There's also BC RICH, dean and schecter. BC Rich has some good stuff, but a lot of people cricticize it now. I only find sh*t on the bronze series, the other ones are wrth checking. Dean is good too, but they are a bit overprized (and the DIME models are even more, dont get one) so you could get somethign better and save some money. Schecter is loved by a lot of guys and it actually ahs great stuff at great prices, but I dont like their necks.

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aye i've done my research too and i played already some jacksons and ibanez but it seems that those bolt on super strat guitars won't give me that deep low sound i'm looking for... it's way too trebly you know.

actually what i'm looking for is a cheaper version of the gibson flying V or explorer
then ESP EX or V. Ibanez Xyphos or Destroyer. Edwards V pr EX. Used Gibson. Jackson King V or Kelly. Dean V, Z or ML. There are quite a lot, just play a lot and get what you like. Go to music stores on your area more often and play a lot of guitars.

Also, Try taking your amp (it heavy i, know, but try) to try guitars, because sometimes guys give you sh*t amps (spider) to try guitars and they end up sounding pretty bad, not actually what they sound like. I have found bolt on strats (and guitars in general) that have a wild low end, and Les Pauls worth sh*t, so it's more a matter of the individual guitar than shape or brand. Dont look at the headstock or the body shape, just at what your fingers and ears feel better.