i need help selecting appropriate cables for my setup

Im going to upgrade all my cables to Monster cables and i need to know what ones i should get to serve its proper purpose.

I mean ive used guitar cables for everything & was told I could improve my sound if I got the correct cables but I have no clue what they meant by that?

From head to guitar
1- 21' for live
1 - 12' for practice

From equalizer to effects loop
2 - 3'

from head to speaker cabinets
2- 3'

My setup is a VH-140C on top of a 4-12 Ampeg cabinet with celestions (stereo), My eq is a Alesis meq-230 & my style is Death-Metal.

Thanks for any help
Don't bother with monster cables and chances are you don't need new cables unless the ones you have right now are uber cheap and prone to breaking.
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the shorter the better, honestly the length of a cable it the only thing that makes a difference in the sound other than if it's soldered properly or not

imo, monster cables are a major waist of money
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Monster Rock Cables for the "head to guitar" purpose
Monster Rock cables for your effects loop
Monster speaker cable for "head to cab"

Monster Rock=all gold
Monster Speaker=black
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ya know i always thought the same thing that a cords a cord but I tried out my other guitarists cord which was a 12' monster rock cable on my setup and it did sound way better, the crunch seemed alot crisper with a good bass punch behind it & since then i been sold on them.

I mean a lifetime warranty isnt bad either for the price.

Thanks for the help
For FX loop and speaker cable shorter is better. If your using rack equip maybe the georgeLs set where you can make just as long as you need em and buy a quality guitar lead. No point in buying a shorter one just for practice. I use a 20" mogami which was actually a little less than a comparable monster brand and carries the same warranty.