I need some help. I've been playing for almost a year now. I've learned some scales and their modes and chords and practice quite a bit. When I used to practice I'd rarely use an amp as to not anger my parents. However now I am starting to and I realize that when I take my finger off of a string to move to a note on another string the first string rings. Should i take my finger off slower or what? Im self taught btw. this is really starting to bother me
you're going to start learning how to mute the string that you're pulling your finger off of with your left hand instinctively...just give it time and keep practicing and you will get it
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You need to learn to mute the strings after you lift your left hand fingers off the fretted notes. Just by touching lightly to deaden the vibration. This can be with either the left hand or right hand. And get a set of headphones to practice with...it will help with your parents!
Turning down gain helps quite a bit. If you want a rock n roll sound with overdrive turn the gain to the lowest point at which you can still get that sound. Any higher and you'll have string noise no doubt. But, it just takes practice....even Gilbert and Satch don't always have completely perfect muting technique.
I've been playing now for two years and I still can't get this right every time. I'd say 5-10% of my notes ring when I don't want them to. It's really disheartening because it destroys what I'm playing. I can't even do the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine, because by the third or forth bit the notes ring together, and it looks easy. The actual picking and fretting I have no problem at all with, I just can't stop them going...