hi every1 how r u
my new guitar has a minor fret buzz at the D strring at around the 3rd fret. the action is actually pretty high for a fret buzz. its a prestige ibanez 2570 . here r pics. can u pls also tell if action is high 4 me or not bcos i am a shredder and i want lowest action and no buzz.thank you every1.

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sorry i meant to say 5th fret not 3rd!!!

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to me that action looks too low, and probably needs raising 1/4 of a turn. and have you read the setup sticky and done the credit card test on the neck (ignore the measurements in the ibby manual they`ll confuse you.

3 threads trying to setup the same guitar, paranoia took hold and you`ve botched it.

i know you said that your local tech is crap, find someone who can work on floating trem equipped guitars and get them to sort it asap.