you need to practice an easier song. Your trying to do a solo that takes a lifetime of practice. some parts are really good and dead on or close to dead on... but your can't do the fast shred stuff like buckethead, sorry but you just can't do it yet. There were some sloppy moments too in the easier sections.

If you weren't trying to play a buckethead song (who im a huge fan of) i wouldn't be so critical. but you need a lot more work before doing this. May i suggest some of paul gilbert's video's. Paul taught buckethead how to play and has some of the best guitar videos out there. If you follow what he says EXACTLY, you will notice a big improvement. it helped me
eh at least im trying.. this song is one of the only things i can stick with in my life. it gives me reason. pretty much play it every time i pick up my guitar i have played it 10 times a day for the last 10 months but i guess ill never have it like bucket. ill admit i never took the time to actually learn the fast parts note for note but I do try to improvise them as similar i can for now until i spend a few days memorising the notes. i actually do have the last shred down but thats just quintuplet and not the normal sextuplets of the other solos. i can play that fast though and i practiced paul gilberts little 11-14-11-13-14-13-11 for countless hours. i just hope to get it down nte for note and actually record a real video. this song is a real inspiration to me
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Wow um, yeah firebird is right.
The slower stuff is pretty much dead on, great job!

but coming to the faster passages, i felt like you were playing random notes sometimes and it was a bunch of high pitched notes strummed really fast and sloppy.

I would tell you to practice and clean it up but to get it to close to Buckets level, it's gonna takes years of practice and your gonna have to start with easier stuff and build up to it.

good job, but kinda out of your league. (and how is this the only song you can play the whole way through?)

keep playing guitar though, you sound promising.

would you mind checking out some of my covers?

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yeah only been playing for a year

well thanks guys for the critisicm it gives me motivationt o actually learn the fast parts note for note