This dark cloud has crept over me, it fills my thoughts and my dreams
I'm a shell of my former self, I get lost inside myself
I have no desire to live, now all that's is for you to forgive
The mistakes that i have made, shall follow me to my grave

I take a look inside myself, at the loneliness that I've long felt
The man that i used to be, is long gone, is no longer me
Emptiness is all that's there, my heart is filled with despair
I can't take it anymore, the end has come so I open the door

I've gone for too long living against my will
I sit and think what is it that broke my will
The days melt together into a surge of pain
Death knocks at my door and now away shall he take me
Okay...I read it twice.
It's basicly just a bunch of generic emo lines from other generic emo songs and poems put together. Nothing too originol.

Sorry for being harsh, but all my poems used to look exactly like that, until I was givin a piece of advice from a wise man. I will quote him,
"Shut the **** up. No one gives a **** enough to listen to you whine."
And with that piece of advice, I took up drugs and cutting as outlets for self pity, and now I attempt to write poems that don't make people want to shoot themselves in the face.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.