I've just completed a new song for my 'joke' band Big Cat Music Squad. We just make music on our Macs, but i finally decided to put some guitar in a song.

I think it sounds pretty cool, check it out and i'd LOVE to crit a song or three for anyone who is nice enough to do mine

It's the first track in the player at www.myspace.com/bigcatmusicsquad

Thanks in advance!

Nice intro, It sounds a bit like a song you would hear on supermario lol. It's got that fun feel too it and I have to admit that it made me smile. Nice little tune you have there I really enjoyed it my only criticism is that it could have been a bit longer. Good work.


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The song really picks up at the faster part, the strings at the beginning though I am not too fond of, they dont seem to flow as much as I would think a strings section should. Its too clear its just a keyboard, while most keyboard strings sections do sound like that, if it sounded a bit more like the real thing I think it would be better.

The second part sounds good, the upbeat feeling works really well