I play alot of rock/pop and punk and wanted to know know peoples opinions on the new guitar i was thinking of choosing, because of my budget im thinking of either a squier Telecaster or an Ibanez grg, ive currently got an Epi lp std.

many thanks
this is a downgrade. (Unless you're thinking of a Squier Japan from 1990, those things are decent. But even then its still not an upgrade per se, just a new guitar.)

definitely dont get a new squier tele or ibanez grg. Thats stupid. Youll spend money to get a worse guitar than u have now.

the truth is, you´re not gonna find a new guitar that´s good enough to justify buying for under 800 bucks. IF YOU WANT A GOOD GUITAR, IT WILL COST GOOD MONEY. THERES NO SHORTCUTS.
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