For the last couple of years i've been learning songs and training techniques. For example I play for the love of god - steve vai preatty clean.
I've just came to a point where I really would like to learn more about improvising though, i've memorized some scale shapes (the phrygian, lydian and ofc the blues box)
but I don't know how to move the shapes around the neck and I would also like to know a little bit more about what chords I should improvise over.
If you guys could give me a couple of links to some good pages or simplify it to me I would give ya'll a big hug...
there were a few articles posted not too long ago. try checking those out. the vid lessons are pretty good too. check 'em out
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before you get into modes at all you need to fully understand the major and minor scales, harmonizing them, building chords, and resolving chord progressions.


there are also some lessons on here called Ultimate Guide to Guitar, which are also good.
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Learn the Major scale so you understand it in terms of steps (WWHWWWH), intervals (Root, Maj 2nd, Maj 3rd, Perfect 4th, Perfect 5th, Maj 6th, Maj 7th, Octave), and notes (eg CDEFGABC = C Major) - scales are a lot more than just shapes, but the major scale is just made up of 7 notes, and you can play the scale anywhere on the neck you can find those notes.

Once you really understand the Major scale, learn to harmoise it by stacking 3rds.

Pretty much every scale you'll ever need (including modes) can be derived from the Major scale, and knowing how to harmonise the scale will make modes a whole lot easier to understand. It will also teach you a bit about chord construction and make it easy for you to know what chords will work with what scale.

Once you've done all that, look at how the minor scale is related to the Major scale, then look at how the pentatonic scales are related to the Maj and min scales. When you understand all that, thats the time to look at modes. They should make sense then, as they are related to the Major scale in much the same way as the natural minor scale is related to the major scale.

Look at parallel scales too - so when you understand the major and minor scales, look at how C Maj is related to C minor for example.
thank you all, I'll look at some UG and lick library videos wich explains the major scale then
Not just videos, scales aren't simply shapes to remember. You'll need to study some of the articles on theory to help you understand the major scale and how it works. There's no point just learning shapes at this stage because chances are you'll just bust a gut unwittingly learning the exact same thing 7 times over.
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