OK so I found one of these bad boys in a pawn shop for $400. Im about to go buy it, its black with the abalone binding and 81/85s in it. Is this thing worth the money? It comes with a case.

I could also get a C1 Classic with the 81/85s in it for $400 from a private seller. But I reall dont know if im into the looks of the classic.

At the pawn shop theres alson an Ibanez RG321EX, Epi LP Custom, and a few other Schecters that have the coil splitting volume knob. Not sure what model. The RG and LP are both $300.
Go for the hellraiser, its like $8xx usually so its worth it. I own the FR version and its pretty much pwns. You wont be dissapointed with it. Also make sure to check the condition.
it's definitely worth the money dude, I was looking at buying one a while back and they're in the $800 - $900 range new.
I just picked up a lefty Hellraiser C-1 off ebay for $400 shipped with a hard shell case. Its a fantastic guitar and was worth every penny.

I was playing on a Ibanez Gio GRX20L before and the difference is night and day between the two. The X-jumbo frets make playing very comfortable, same with the neck joint Schecter uses. Since getting the guitar about 2 weeks ago I have only had to tune it once, when it initially arrived.

Like everyone else said they're almost a grand new so to get one for $400 is definitely a deal.
yes, get the hellraiser. that is a great deal, i think its like $750 or so new.

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OK check this out... I went out and snatched it up. Its definitely sweet, and Ive played them in shops before. They always had a 3 way selector. Mine has a 5 way like a strat. What exactly does that say about this guitar?
The "EMG" logo on the neck pickup is gold and the one on the bridge is silver. Dont know what thats about, either.
Hellraisers have 5 way switches, they normally have coil tap.

I'm assuming that they aren't the original pickups. the 81TW/89 have red lettering on them when they come in stock with the Hellraiser.

the 81/85 aren't the original pickups, and I doubt they're coil tappable, as well.
The coil tapping and 81/89s are on the new models. I thought that the newer ones have 3-way selectors with coil tapping and the 81/89, and the older models have 81/85s stock and a 5 way.

Also, mine is black which isnt available on the newer ones.