I know a open G i know open minor G , i know barre G and a barre Gm. I also know a Gm7 is there anymore? I dont mean like g9 g add9 g sus i mean just for G. Anywhere else on the neck. May be going from the 5 or 4 string? I dunno if this makes sence hopefully. also this is same for abcdefg .

What im doing is trying to get to know the fret board. I know the 6 and 5 string from doing barre chords. Is there a way like this to know the 3 2 strings
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Yeah. Literally do that. You'll end up with inversions and stuff but they're good to know. Also consider playing arpeggios with the notes, this might force you to string skip and stuff which is another handy technique you could be working on.

The exercise i'm advising will help you memorise the notes on the guitar, the notes of certain chords and will also help maybe introduce new theoretical ideas and techniques.