Downloaded this cover sometime ago and its quickly become on of my favorites, but i cant work out who actually sings it

heres an utube link

obviously who ever posted that vid thinks its RBF but its sure as hell not on cheer up! plus it doesn't sound even remotely like them even the old stuff.

so does anybody know who performs this?
I can't listen to it right now, but is it me first and the gimmie gimmies? I'm pretty sure they covered this
sounds like some unknown alt-rock band...low quality recording, definitely not the greatest singing in the world, but you are right, not RBF
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CBGB wants to be famous like the others such as Green Day and Offspring. They don't want to be a underground punk band.
not the gimme gimmes. well if i ever become rich enough to start my own label they'll be the first band i sign. i haven't heard a cover this terrible since Sid sang "I Did It My Way".
remember in the very very beginnings of this new fangled "Web 2.0", when angelfire and geocities websites started to disappear but before there was myspace? Right. There's was KaZaA... it was a few years after Napster and people were starting to get into p2p for real. Soulseek wasn't out yet so there was no good music search. KaZaA was mostly for like porn, hip hop and CREED. But occasionally you could find NOFX songs (hell one time I found a QUEER WULF song on there). Anyways there was this popular KaZaA search called "punk covers" and they'd all be done by ****ty late 90's pop-punk bands who'd write the names of famous bands so people would download the songs. The problem was though, when the songs were good we never knew who they were so we couldn't contact them to get more of their songs (people were just figuring out this "newer" internet). So yeah, this is the product of early 2000's p2p filesharing. I still have one song in my library that's mislabeled from these days, it says it's THE MISFITS + NOFX doing "The KKK took my baby away" together, but it's jut a RAMONES live show.
Yeah i remember that. Still got a folder in My Music called "Punk covers" for all the ones that ain't got a home.

Still someone out there must know or have seen this band first hand.

I'm actually quite determine to figure this out i might even start a few other threads in some other forums and see if i can't smoke something out.
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i found this song under Toy Dolls. Toy Dolls did do some good covers but this is obviously not them.
Dick+strings= owww
i've got all their albums, so it not them nor does it sound like them
Wow... really?
I forgot about this thread.
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