I just bought a new Dell inspiron 1545. I plan to use it only for recording. I have a Pod X3 live for guitars, vocals, and bass. I understand that the Pod acts as the sound card, but I want to use superior drummer for drums. I will not be going through the Pod in this situation, I will have the Midi controller straight to the PC. Do I need to upgrade the sound? If so does anybody have any recommendations?
You bought a Dell??
Okay, recovered now. Most modern PC's have an adequate sound chip for music and video playback. A lot, though are half duplex which is not the best for recording. Will do a job for you but nothing fancy, Best bet is to try it out for what you want to do and assess the result. At worst you can just throw in a better sound card (CMOS should be set to AUTO) and away you go.
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You can get an external interface, say UCA202. But check first if you can run audio from the PC out through the X3? If so you probably won't need an interface.
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