hey guys,

was recording an electric drumkit the other day which has a 1/4" guitar jack output port which i ran directly into my laptop mic input. Now when we run the kit thru a pa (as the kit would be normally run) so that the drummer can hear the thing we're getting a load of hum in the background which gets recorded and which can ruin the drum track for the most part.

i think this may have something to do with running computers off the same electrical circuit as amps and pa's causes some mad interference which produces the noise.

anyone know if this is true or what might be happening here.

(not a problem with leads or connections or anything by the way!!)

cheers guys
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no but was thinking of funning everything through a good PA desk we have. that'll do the same thing as an interface won't it?

or do interfaces have their own card or something?
An interface is a soundcard. Even if you use the best PA system there is, your laptop is the reasson (most probably). so do you have like 100-120 bucks to spend?
it's that mic input that sucks. you're always going to get a lot of extra noise using that. you can always try a ground lift on some of those things, but it wont make it as clean as you want.
No. A PA system is a PA system, and even running stuff through a laptop's mic in and back out through a €10,000 Neve console will sound like very expensive ****. Weakest link.

You needn't spend too much on an interface, for standard line ins a UCA202 will get you far, if you want to run a guitar in take a look at line6, if you want to run mics in look for XLRs.
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