or rts101 as ibenez calls it....it seems like it is never possible the get every sting in pitch...

and is jem jr worth a better set of pickup?
You need to be patient, it takes a long time because you need to keep going back over your tuning until it settles down - read the sticky, it explains everything.

And the pickups are about the only good thing in the Jem Jr if it's an older 555 - it's the rest of the guitar that's crap. Avoid it.

If it's a 333 then avoid it even more.
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think i should just practice with it and buy myself a "real jem" later when i am worth it then.....
PATIENCE IS KEY. You gotta keep going string to string and back again, but in the meantime making sure the spring tension = string tension, thus having to make spring adjustments to keep the floyd level, and thus throwing the tuning way out of wack again, and forcing you to repeat the whole process.
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