It's in my profile, called Timeline Staples. You may have to pause the Dani California YouTube vid as I can't figure out how to stop it playing by default.

Any input would be much appreciated. C4C as usual.
That, my friend, was awesome. I am a huge fan of modest mouse, and the style. I can't say that it is exactly modest mouse style. But indeed is great. haha. You can crit my stuff if you feel like it. It's on this forum as cool kind of nice blah blah vids or something I don't remember. Loved your stuff though.
That was pertty much like modest mouse, a bit repetivtive, but thats the style. I like the bongo drums in the background, it adds to the song. Its cool, I wanna hear the finished song.

Crit mine?
Its a good idea, you just need to expand. Some bass, a few more sections, etc. Also, I would let those backing chords ring out to make it sound more full (perhaps a seperate track of some clean guitar just holding them because the percussive effect of them now is cool)
Listening to it.

Cool clean guitar, phaser, flanger, whateverthehell it is. Groovy. Goes on for a bit, tho. The part in the background is not really right. This is groovy, though. I dig it, finish it.
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1202906
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