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So the background information; I'm 15 and at my school we do most of our GCES's in year 10 so we can re-take them if we need to or do additional ones. I managed to get 4 C's or above exsept in my english (which im re-taking in november). I didn't really get on at school, i mean i had friends i did alright in exams but i just hated being trapped there so they managed to sort it out so i'm doing a full time Music Course at collage. Im on First Deploma at the minute however, as the course is over-subscribe they're moving 4 people upto the national and im one of the ones they've considered. I've been told by my tutor that i pass all the critera (I have good enough acedemic results and can play well enough and all that) just he's not sure they can because of my age. From what i can make out there being a bit funny with him moving me up cause of my age so he's asked me to try and find out if theres anything thats actually stopping me.

IN SHORT; Can you do a national deploma at the age of 15 because i know you can do a deploma at 14 and above but im not sure about the level 3 ones.
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A deploma is just a type of qualification.

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How do you expect to have one with your Grammar and Spelling?
Anyway, yes you can. Externally (means outside of school).
BTW; Saying your teacher is "moving up you" is a big no-no.
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No wait, i think you take the mock exams in year 10, then real GCSEs in year 11, then leave school and go off to college at 16, if you aren't good enough (either academically or playing ability), you will either be put onto the first diploma (meaning you will have to be there for 3 years instead of 2), or be put on the National Diploma and have to take maths or English booster classes.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.