I have done 3 days of my uni freshers week, and i already feel a bit disconnected from my friends who i have made over the past few years, i don't know anyone on my course, don't get me wrong, i have spoke to them a bit, and have met a couple of people i get on with well, but on the way home yesterday i was feeling disconnected from my foundation.

I don't live on campus, so i'm not homesick, even if i was living away, i don't really miss home much when i am away, its just i have hardly spoke to any of my long time friends since i started at uni, compared to in the holidays when i saw them all the time, i'm sure it will pass but at the moment i just feel a bit lost.

Anyone else feel this way?

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i'm a little bit the opposite, everyone else has gone and i'm not off for another week and a half so i feel disconnected but left behind a little bit
It happens. The friends you make at uni are the ones you'll keep for life. Sure, you may have life-long friends from before, but you're growing up and starting to move your different ways.

Don't do what I did and have minimal contact with your pre-uni friends, though. I lost a bit of contact, and when I came back from uni, that's when I felt the most disconnected.
Well I feel the same way about other friends, but not all (because some friends are in the same uni). Can't you keep in touch with them through chatting or whatsoever?
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To be honest I don't keep in touch with many of my old school friends, times change, people change and you just move onto new things and new places. When I went to uni it probably took me a month, or maybe more, to properly find a new group of mates whom I could identify with.
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When you aren't geographically close to someone, you have to make the effort to arrange to meet up and such, otherwise you'll drift out of their life.

I'm just starting Year 2 of uni and my relationships with school friends have become way distant, but I've also made some of my best friends at uni.
I live about 100 miles away, and i've got a little bit 'homesick', i've been here since sunday so about 4 days now. I've spoke to loads of my friends on the phone and email and text though, and they're asking when they can come up and visit me and stuff so i actually feel pretty good knowing that they're still thinking about me. Still, change is a wicked part of life that should be embraced; not to say fuck your friends off but get excited about the new portion of your life or you'll always be living in the past.
Well i still talk to a few friends on MSN, which is ok but in this past week i haven't seen any of them at all, same goes for my friends who i met in college who i am also close to, but i haven't seen them in even longer. I think part of the reason i feel like this is because i used to see my closest friends every day or every other day in the holidays, and now its gone from that to not seeing them at all.

I am going out tonight with my close friends and hopefully seeing some old college mates over the weekend, that should cheer me up a bit.

EDIT: Distance isn't much of an issue to me because my friends live far away from my house anyway, i am used to commuting long distances and probably wouldn't hesitate to get a train straight from uni to my friends town if something really good is going on, even though they are on the other side of the city, its just that i am busy with the uni stuff so i am not free to go.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Is anyone else appalling at remembering new people's names?

I've got people saved in my phone book as "guy, guy with beard, girl with beard etc"
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I've kept in touch with one or two of my good friends from home but drifted away from the rest. We just seemed to not have much in common any more and nothing ever changed for them.
2 Years at college. Not a single new friend I would hang out with. Instead I strengthened the friendships I had with the ones in high school. But a lot of them have moved on to Uni already. It doesn't help that I've been anti-scocial the past year.
wait till the course starts and stuff not just freshers week, this week has been much better for me
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