Instrumental rock song I wrote a while back and I wanted to know what other people would think, i may record it eventually just for fun, its based around a chord progression with solos, variations, and harmonies; and a piano in the mix too.

it's in guitar pro 4, guitar pro 5, and MIDI
thanks for any critism, good or bad...
Solo Piece.zip
Sounds really good. Some parts reminded me of Those Who Cannot Speak by Shadows Fall (this is a good thing ). Have you heard of Red Sparowes? They are a instrumental rock band.....a little different than what you have here, but a great band nonetheless. I recommend looking them up if you haven't already. Here are some playlists i made if you want to listen to them. Both their albums in there entirety (except a few songs that where not on youtube).



Anyway, great song....Let me know if you make a recording of it, i'd be glad to listen....i look forward to hearing more!
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