This photograph was taken circa 1973. I apologize for the photo perhaps my father has a better one that I can post. In any case, these were both stolen in the early 80s and I gave up trying to recover them years ago. However, It's likely that I might be able to get the same models online.

I know the one on the left is the Kay Note Guitar but I've been having trouble with the orange burst style kay to the right. I've found some Jumbos that are close. These would have been purchased by my parents about 1962 in London, Ontario at a used guitar shop.
Kay Jumbo, ca. 1950's-60's. I may be wrong....but definitely a jumbo style guitar. The pickguard is not the same as on your picture, but the guitar looks really similar.

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Thanks. Yes, that's close and I saw some Jumbos that looked similar online. However, none have come close to that particular brilliant Orange with the white pickguard. I would love to find out what model that is.

When I spoke with my father he said that it wasn't a Jumbo. I assumed he must be right because as a young kid in the early 70s, most adult guitars might seem like Jumbos. It's good to get additional feedback on that.

This is as close to that model as I can find.

Well apparently the Orange Kay wasn't bought in 1962. It was bought brand new in 1970. I know this because I found the original receipt. No model number or anything is written on it.

So, I assume we're looking at a 1970 Kay Jumbo in that orange color scheme. Now, I just have to nail down the model number.