I have a floor pod plus. It is not a true bypass.

If I want to use the distortion of my amp, uncolored by the FPP, but want access to the noise gate, chorus, delays and compressor of the FPP, what is the best way to go about it?

If i run it in front of the amp, it boosts the input from the guitar. causing more noise, and giving it more drive than is needed.

I havent tried yet, but what if I run it through the effects loop? probable solution?

Im just looking for discussion on the effects loop, and tone.. I would like to use the FPP without changing the tone of going straight to the amp.
You want modulation in the effects loop anyway so that is going to be your best route. The only issue is if you are using the noise gate to cut out feedback your SOL. As for tone suckage its gonna happen but honestly if your using a floor pod in the first place its really not going to be that big of an issue.
Im just using the pod because I have one, and it has the effects..

and good advice there brcck, im planning on doing just that after work today thanks...
just thought i could get some discussion on it in the meantime.