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I currently own a roland 30 watt cube and have been considerin gettin a new amp and since im on a tight-ish budget I was given advice to get a small 15watt valve amp with basic settings (maybe with some built in reverb) and then spend money on a QUALITY effects board.

So I came here with hopes of gatherin advice on:

-The most generally reliable, good quality valve amp for roughly 200-300 UK pounds.
Ive checked out a little of the Blues Junior and the Laney... CUB..? I think?

-The most reliable, good quality effects board with the best range of sound possibilities (prefferably with a decent on-board manual WAH-WAH for roughly 200-300 UK pounds.

I currently own a Yamaha RGX520DZ equip with Seymour Duncan hum-buckers and I cant be sure but intend to buy either a fender telecaster or stratocaster within the near future. I can decide just yet.

Im mainly into Jazz and Jazz fusion of all kinds but I also play 70's 80's soul and rock with the band I play with.

All advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
I have heard good things about the little Blackheart mini-stack. It's like 5W, think it goes for like $150-200 (I don't know the exchange rate for UK pounds). As for a pedalboard, I got the BOSS ME-50 (the older version of the ME-70 that is out now) and I'm quite satisfied with it. Wah is a little weak on it, but for everything it gives you, I can't really complain.
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The Blues Jr. and the AC15 should be great for you. As for the multi, I don't like them so I will let others handle that.
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Man, you're buying a tube amp to run multi efx on it? Bad choice.
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I would save up and buy individual effects pedals, sounds a lot better. The AC15 and Blues Junior are good choices so is the vox nightrain.
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you can't go wrong with an ac-15 and a boss me-50...

Apart from the fact that it is way over his budget.
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i'm cheating slightly (you'll have to budget for a cab too), but:


not sure how much headroom it'd have for jazz, though.
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