So I was just reading another thread on rack pieces for someone when i came across a statement saying "don't put the tuner in the direct chain"

Just curious what this means, as i am currently building a rack
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a chain would be guitar > rack tuner > amp

this would mean the signal travels through the tuner before reaching the amp.

You want to avoid that if possible, its better to not have the signal travel through the tuner for normal playing especially with cheaper units.

You can only do this if you use an effect with more than one output, or if you just plug into the tuner to tune but otherwise leave it out. Some rack tuners, especially the cheaper ones can add some noise and suck some tone in the direct chain.

I often use my BM OD which has an amp out and a mixer out. I'll run the mixer out into the tuner and the amp out to my amp. This way I can always tune, but my tuner won't affect my tone!

If I play without my BM I'll just plug straight into the rack tuner to tune, or use the microphone option.
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I've never had an issue with this. I run my guitar into my power conditioner which has a built in tuner, out of it to my Digitech RP350, and then into my amplifier. I hit my bypass when I want to tune so that there is no effect on the signal. I've never experienced any loss of tone, signal, etc.
I dowloaded a Peterson strobe tuner app for my iPhone (it works with iPod touch too) and bought an adapter cord. I'm going to get a splitter with a switch to mute the direct output to my amp and leave the tuner on all the time. Aside form the i Phone having a bigger brighter display than any tuner I've seen this is by far the best tuner I've ever used. (iPhone haters spare me the flames. I really don't care.)