Hi all,

I'm looking for a small tube amp, wich i can use at home (an appartment - so it can't be TOO loud) and for some occasional practice and gigging.
Now I was looking at the Vox AC4TV, the Marshall Class 5, the Fender Champ 600 but I also heard good things about the Blackstar HT5.
The Vox and the Marshall are the favorites right now, since i can also use them at lower sound levels (build in attentuator/headphone jack)

I mainly play newer indie rock (like The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys...),
but also bluesrock from the '60-'70's (Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones,...).

What would be the best amp? And are there other little tube amps under the 400euros price range i should look up?

Thanks a lot :-)

P.S. or should i save up the money to buy a bigger amp and install a good attentuator?
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For what you play definitely the Vox. It sounds awesome on the clips I've heard.

+1 This is one of those times when your genre really makes it an easy choice. The Vox is far superior to the other choices in both of the genres you mention.

Edit: Looking back, the others can do the classic rock stuff pretty well, but for the indie/punk the Vox is gonna be ideal.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Occasional gigging? May want to rethink the wattage.
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Occasional gigging? May want to rethink the wattage.

With occasional gigging I mean in my school, which is for about 300+people, but I think I better buy a small amp so I can use it at home and mic it up at school.
OR buy an AC30 and a good attentuator... :-S

@everyone thanks for the response, and yes the Vox is my favorite too now :-)
The vox is a very nice amp for bedroom practice. I don't know how well it would hang with a drummer though. If you've got a PA and a good monitoring system you can make it work until you can afford a real gigging amp
I have the Champ 600, but in all honesty the Vox, though pricier, sounds nicer.
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AC4 definately, has an attenuator and 10" speaker for not much more than the champ, and a lot less than the HT-5 or class 5
I would go vox
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Thanks everyone, the vox it is then,
I'll get one as soon as possible

Now, that brings me to another question, since the AC4 doesn't have a reverb,
what is the best choice of reverb pedal?
Compare the Vox against the Super Champ XD. The SCXD will give you enough power for gigging and includes FX (reverb, delay, chorus,...)

assuming postage to belgium is the same as to france and germany, that should be under budget. Grab a cheap cab like the valve junior cab or the harley benton 1x12 which matches the ga5 on thomann, and away you go. The fact it's 18 watts means you could play small gigs with it, too, but the power scaling means you can get it down to really low volumes and still sound "cranked up"- a lot lower volumes than you'll be able to get the 5 watters (bar the vox ac4), as 5 watts is still really, really loud cranked up in a home environment.
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Good choice on the Vox, from the time I've used it I could get excellent cleans and a nice throaty crunch. All the clips I've heard from the Marshall have left me largely unimpressed.
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I own the AC4 head, and I love it. It's perfect for playing indie and classic rock like you want to. I use it in my dorm with my 2x12 and haven't had any complaints yet from my roommates or neighbours.
I plan on checking out a Bugera V5 this weekend. Seems to have a lot of features for such an inexpensive small wattage tube amp.
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The vox sounds just about right for you.

Have you also looked at the Orange AD5? Its worth considering too imo, if you can find one.
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The Bugera V5 is very nice as well. It is a bit darker tone wise than the Vox but definitely worth a look as well. Its also $100 cheaper

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It's already been said but the Vox is perfect for you, pretty much all of those artists use/have used Vox.

The only problem is that you wont be able to gig with it so if you intend to, save up more for an AC15/30. It would be similar, but better, and louder.
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Does this VOX AC4 has a nice clean??

Some people said it doesn't... I think they're all crazy... and u guys?