I want to buy distortion pedal, because i'm not satisfied with distortion i can get from Crate FW 120.

I want distortion for metal, hard rock. I'm playin' (covering) like bullet for my valentine, system of a down, my chemical romance, nickelback, nirvana, paradise lost, rammstein, trivium.

Which pedal for about 150 bucks would be the best for me? Metal muff or something different?
Ibanez tube king? Or sell your crate and put the money towards a new amp.

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I can't remember, is that a tube? If so, get something like a tube screamer or another overdrive pedal to put infront. Overdrive pedals alway just add a little something extra to the distortion/gain of tube amps.

If not.. I don't think over drive and things like the muff are going to be enough distortion for bullet or trivium. Will be fine fine for things like nirvana though. Look into high output distortion pedals like the boss metalcore or metal zone (not many people like them, but its just something to look at).

You can also get gain stomp boxes, like the seymour duncan mayhem, that have tubes in them. Never tried one, but every demo I've heard has sounded great
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perhaps a Boss Metalzone or Metal Core, Digitech Metal Master, Line 6 Uber Metal, or Coffin Case Blood Drive?

owning a crate glx (older american model of the flexwave) I know for certain that you can get some pretty good metal tones out of the amp on the solo channel. perhaps you should try EQ'ing things a little differently on that channel and see how you like that.

trying something like: Gain - 5-6 , Shape- 5, Bass- 7-8, Mid- 4-5, Treble- 5-6
The tone i get from amp just doesn't suit me. It hasn't that something, so I want separate dist pedal.

I don't want to change amp, so that solution doesn't come into game.
distortion from that amp will hardly ever be anything to brag about, their gain channels are just really nasty. a single pedal won't nail all those tones but a couple could. if you're really dead set on going that route, anyway.

personally, i think you should just ditch that amp and get one that's better, not necessarily tube, though that's what all/most of the bands' sounds that you want are coming from anyway. a 5150/6550 or Bugera equivalent would do pretty well, plus and OD pedal for covering the lighter end of the spectrum.

meh, that's my opinion. i can guarantee you won't be satisfied with any pedal in front of that amp for more than a couple weeks. you need to start looking into higher end SS amps and some good tube amps, Crate FWs have a decent clean channel and multi/fx (hardly tweakable at that), and that's about all they got goin for them.
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