so whilst bored in science class, i was just kinda writin with a melody that i had in my head. does this look at all interesting? or just a stupid song a some teen wrote?

theres no escape, from the place

life is such a whhore

Make no mistake, im a fake

can't take this anymore

theres nothin worth livin' for

in this ****ed up world

i hate myself, everyone else

theres not much to push on for

but i know its

Never really over

we have to

try and stay and just keep pushin on

we have to

just keep holdin on

idk. thats kinda the verse, prechours, and chorus. its got a pretty sweet guitar riff goin for the chorus and verse isn't bad.

Just what do yall even think of it? bear in mind ive never written at all before, and know nothing about writing or anything. i just had a nice melody and started sayin random crap and this kidna came out
Yeah man i totally get where ur coming from, it's like, if our moms just let us get whatever t shirt we want in hot topic then we wouldn't be so angry! amirite?


Another uninspiring, angsty nothing. Sorry kid, keep at it.
Better than Jesus, Megatron and T-Rex combined.

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This ^ is why I'm right.