I've been writing some songs, and am planning on starting a band. I have almost no ability to play guitar, but I play piano and use my music theory knowledge to write songs. (And I can scream.)

I only have Midi files, since I wrote these songs in the program Tuxguitar, since I have no money for Guitar Pro. I'm not sure how much the tabs will change if they're imported into Guitar Pro, since whenever I import these Midi files into Tuxguitar, I wind up with a song in B-standard tuning on a seven-string guitar. (They're supposed to be in Drop C.) I do have limitations to my writing, in that I can't write a guitar solo, but I can do almost anything else.

So I would appreciate your comments, unless you're going to trash my songs, in which case, I would prefer you didn't speak. Thank you.
I don't think many people on UG will just completely trash a song, we're a pretty friendly community :P

Decay: Ending that slow picking intro with a nice big chord and then going into the verse (?) works better vs just holding a single note imo. In the main verse when you have those chords on the 2nd time round of the riff, i think you have one to many of first chord (it's hard doing this without the tabs :P). Just those two little things, enjoyed everything else.

Dying heart: Very nice! I didn't like the the little runs at the end of the trem picking part at 3:34 though. Didn't flow into the trem picking again nicely for me.

Mirror: Liked the intro, I like those "add-on" intros. Didn't like the strumming at 2:27, maybe try gallops instead? The chorus rhythm felt a bit too punky compared to the rest of the riffs imo. I didn't like ending with the breakdown. Try swapping the breakdown with that last intro piece (where everyone has joined in already), i think that would be awesome.

Unnamed: Main riff was awesome and i really enjoyed you going into that heavy double bass riff. I rate swap the outro with the main verse riff. Play it once normally and then on the 2nd time instead of that little run at the end just have a final heavy chord that stops as soon as you play it. Just like a "dun" :P Hope you getting what I'm saying otherwise I feel like an idiot.

These definitely should go down well with your future band. God's speed and good job sir!
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Thanks. Although the main verse of Decay, it's supposed to have weird rhythm on the chords. It switches on the downbeat. Other than that, I pretty much agree on everything. I was worried about the breakdown on Mirror myself, too.