Poll: do you play with a pick in random places?
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23 58%
17 43%
Voters: 40.
So when I'm in class, or waiting for a bus, or something along these lines, i always tend to take a pick from my pocket (always carry a few on me) and start playing with it, as if i was playing guitar on my desk or in the air or something, it kind of makes me feel like i'm actually playing guitar...

anyone else doing that?
No, I do not.

I find other fun stuff to play with
I have been known to do it.

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No, when I'm bored, I play with something else in my pocket.

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if by pick you mean penis...

then no
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if I''ve got a pick on me, then sometimes..

but I don't like, play air-guitar with it, I usually just like, flip it around between my fingers.. like you see people doing with coins sometimes..