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No. Intervals are the same with the respective names.

so intervals seem to be on the major scale
Major scale:
Maj 2nd
Maj 3rd
Perfect 4th
Perfect 5th
Major 6th
Major 7th

Natural minor has a b3, b6 and b7, which makes it:
Maj 2nd
min 3rd
Perfect 4th
Perfect 5th
min 6th
min 7th
The intervals are always the same, however the major and minor scale contain different intervals, see zhilla's post.

Perfect Unison/diminished 2nd = 0 semitones
Minor 2nd/augmented unison = 1 semitones
Major 2nd/diminished 3rd = 2 semitones
Minor 3rd/augmented 2nd = 3 semitones
Major 3rd/diminished 4th = 4 semitones
Perfect 4th/augmented 3rd = 5 semitones
Diminished 5th/augmented 4th = 6 semitones
Perfect 5th/diminished 6th = 7 semitones
Minor 6th/augmented 5th = 8 semitones
Major 6th/diminished 7th = 9 semitones
Minor 7th/augmented 6th = 10 semitones
Major 7th/diminished octave = 11 semitones
Perfect octave/augmented 7th = 12 semitones
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so intervals seem to be on the major scale

Sorry, I should have been more descriptive. I guess now you got the idea.