So I jam with my buddy a lot but we are getting bored of playing the same stuff, I play guitar and hes on drums.
Any suggestions for some songs that would sound good without a bassline?
We are into hard rock, southern rock, indie and blues but are open to suggestions if anything you know would sound epic lol.
ok ok, epic. how about ANY jimi hendrix song? Yeah, definatly play a hendrix song man. They are so fun to play and if you know your pentatonic scales (which you should) then you will have no problem taking the song and half way through turning it into something totally different and original. My band usually opens with foxy lady and some times that song is like more than half our set because we jam the **** out of it, and add so much that 4 minutes into the song your like wait, this started out as foxy lady?

Yeah man, jamming hendrix songs is fun.

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