I've come to the decision that I need a new amp. My current amp is the one that came with my Bass, so its a bog standard 15 watt. It just isn't loud enough when i have cover tracks on full blast or have another instrument playing and it can't seem to handle it.

I'm looking for a decent quality amp around 30 watt that I can just practice on in my bedroom and occasionally jam with my mate who plays guitar.

I need help in doing this as I have no idea about amps or anything amp related. So any ideas/links would be great. Ideally the amp would give me a Mike Dirnt (Green Day bassist) Noise as Green Day is what me and my friends mostly cover. So a good Pop rocky sound.

Thanks in advance
30 watts is still not a whole lot. What's your budget?
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Quote by food1010
30 watts is still not a whole lot. What's your budget?

on a bass prolly not, on a guitar its pretty strong if its 30watts being pushed through a 12-inch speaker
GO to musicians friend and look for yourself.
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musicians friend is American and i'm British, so i doubt they do UK delivery my friend.
30 watts would be absolutely fine because i only need it as a practice amp. No giging or stuff.

and my price range would probably be around 50-60 quid, so i dunno what that'd be in USD. But if anyone could suggest a good make of amp to me i'd be grateful.
At the current exchange rate, just below $100 I think.

For 30W, you'd need about £100.

However, if its the amp, not the wattage, you could be alright simply getting a better 15W practice amp. I have a Laney RB-1 knocking around, and that works fine for jamming with a guitarist, and will work with a band at a stretch.

Anyway, have a look at this to see what I mean:

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