Anyone have an idea what scales Judas Priest use on the album Painkiller? I'm looking into sweep picking and its my favorite example of it

Well, the big sweep at the beginning of the solo to the song "Painkiller" is just an F# minor arpeggio with weird timing. There are many ways to play it. I just use the box shape and tap.

Glen and K.K. don't really use much theory when writing solos. They just play what sounds good. A lot of their crazy runs are chromatic based or make no theoretical sense at all, but sound awesome. The song Painkiller is mostly in F# minor with a bunch of key changes and chromatic stuff thrown in. They don't try to be all smart about the music, they just try to be badass. And they succeed.
KK stated that it's based around E minor
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I almost thought someone said E#. Lulz.

Deaths got a good cover of this song, I might have to learn this one.

I like your necrophagist covers.

Keep it up bro.

Ive also recently gotten into judas priest and im gonna learn this solo.

Ill help you out once i get it down.