So i have like $700 and i wanna no wether to get a new guitar or amp. I currently have a epiphone explorer, not bad and small crate practice amp. If a got a new guitar id prob get an agile explorer or v and a new amp id prob either go for a used 5150, bugera 333 or randall g3. HELP!
New amp man. Epi Explorers arent to bad. Used 5150, Bugera 333 are both very nice amps from what i HEAR. I like the 333 from the clips ive seen more because of it usable cleans.
New amp, your guitar is pretty decent.
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Amp. Also, if you get a 5150 for 700 USD, I'll worship you, lol.

They got the new 6505 combos for 600 or 700. Cant remember which
New amp. Look into the Randall MTS series. Here is a head for sale on the MTS forum for a good price, and i'm selling a Clean module for $150...


There are also a few RM50 combos on ebay for decent prices. They are all auctions, but its worth a shot. There is an RM20 head for sale on there for $445, but since you can get the RM50 head for less, you should probably go with the 50.

Any questions about the MTS series, just ask me or ask on the MTS forum. I have an RM80, and i can tell you that you get your money's worth. If you need module suggests, you know who to contact

Edit: here is a thread that should answer most questions you may have about the MTS series:


Good Luck.
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Definitly the amp dude. the guitar is nice
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