so i have an original peavey 5150 and for some reason after playing for a bit and changing the fuse of course my new fuse breaks, now this DEFINATLY shouldnt be happening and i dont know whats causing it or what could, so i need your help. thanks
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Too much resistance in the circuit. Try asking in GG&a
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lol u could close the circuit buy instead of putting a fuse in you could wire the two leads together, but i dont suggest it, becouse the fuse is protecting a part of your circuit. if u have the schematics to the amp get out a multimetter and start making ressistance checks to see if there are any oppens or shorts in the circuit, i think it would be a shorted resister but i dont know cause i dont have the amp in my hands.
btw also look for any burns on the bord that would also indicate what your problem is.
did you just create a thread on this before anyways?
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Check your OT and Power Tubes bro.
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the first thing you wanna do when your amp goes bad (especially when dealing with fuses) is check your power tubes. If you have an old set lying around (that still work) buy a pack of fuses and and install the old tubes into your amp (again, assuming they all work). Then replace them with new ones one by one until the fuse blows again.

Somebody might want to verify that this is safe for your trannies and stuff, but that's how I fixed my marshall when my fuse started blowing.
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