anyone ever go to a album listening event?(this is for flyleaf btw)
i was wondering will the band be signing autographs? or is it more like them sitting on a small stage talking about what the songs mean while they play on a speaker system?
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I don't know about album listening events, but I have attended The Prestige watching events, and the details are pretty obvious.
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Me and about 13 of my friends all sat around one night, got really high, and listened to the Wall. Does that count?
It varies ALOT. at the saosin album release party, the only member there was the drummer and they were playing the CD through the crappiest sound system ever.

for some bands though (ive seen this done only with local bands, or bands who are natives of your town) the band actually comes there plays a set (acoustic of maybe full electric) and just hangs out, signs **** and answers questions.