I'm mostly an electric player. My only acoustic at the moment is a Martin D-18, but I was looking to pick up a classical guitar. My knowledge is somewhat limited on classical guitars, but this one sparked my interest. Can anyone id this brand/model? I'd like to go with something along these lines - without the tradional body style. Any suggestions on similar guitars would also be more than welcome!


Sorry about the link - I'm not sure how to imbed photos in a post.

Thanks in advance!
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He usually plays Ovations, and that looks like it could be one

i agree, it looks a lot like an ovation
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God I love the demotivationals thread...
Thanks! I'll check out some of the Ovations online.
I'm not a Page fanatic, so I don't need to find the exact guitar just to "have the same guitar as Jimmy Page". I just found the body style appealing.
I've checked out some Ovations. Between the headstock and the angled end of the fretboard, it certainly does seem to be an Ovation. Can't seem to find any models with the soundhole off to the side like that though.
here's one kind of cool single off-center sound hole design

it's the Adamas Model 2080 and it doesn't look like it's cheap ($1500 or higher). i'm not an ovation fan, but i believe adamas is like their custom shop.
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I emailed Ovation with the pic since I couldn't find anything like it and they claim it is not an Ovation guitar.
Oh well.
That guitar you posted is interesting. I'll check out those Adamas models! Thank you!