Hey guys, I uploaded a track to my profile called "all that remains" if you could check it out and comment on it that would be great. thanks.
damn it thats my avatar lol.

Edit: cool song man, really like the ambient keys in the intro. A few bum notes throughout and i didn't think there was enough variation to warrant 5 minutes. But i did enjoy it, keep it up!
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Hey, thanks for the replies.

Haha, Yes I know its a band name, but why not have a song with the same name?

And I forgot to mention in the first post that the song's guitar melodies in the verses and choruses are the vocal melody lines, I just dont have a singer yet, so maybe that will help with the variation through the song
i agree with stephen_rettie. pretty good, but not enough going on to be 5 minutes in length. also, there were a couple notes that did not ring out, mostly noticeably in the clean intro. but thats just just semantics.