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digitech whammy
13 93%
digitech ex-7 expression factory
1 7%
other/neither (suggestions below)
0 0%
Voters: 14.
I have an Ex-7 & it was a mistake for me buying, only because I don't use it much & the whammy on mine doesn't work, but once I finally get round to fixing that I'd probably use it much more...
& I havn't tried the Digitech Whammy, although I was thinking about selling my EX-7 & getting something like the Digitech Whammy

So, I guess I say Whammy... But if you want to mess with a couple things, the EX-7
the ex-7 sound very digital to me..even more the the whammy...i would kill for a whammy

it's not fair ex-7 cost my us 140€ and whammy around 200
I'd get the Whammy and mod it for true bypass. I hate that its not true bypass stock.
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^ I'm not sure the Whammy can be modded to true bypass. The bypass on the Whammy isn't as bad as everyone makes out if it's first or near-first in the chain, either (I find the bypass on my Whammy to be pretty good, actually) unless you have it in the effects loop.

Also, true bypass isn't always better, and may lead to more tone-suckage than buffered bypassses in some cases. My gripe with the Whammy is the tracking; the monophonic algorithm used to calculate harmonies is pretty awful. I think it's time DigiTech came out with a Whammy V with a better algorithm designed, or a Hardwire Whammy would be very interesting.
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