For quite some time now I have been searching for a wiring diagram for a stock eighties Washburn H S S with one coil tap volume pot (6 terminal) and one tone pot (3 terminal). The Humbucker has 4 wires (red,black, blue and pink) and a braided ground. There is a 5 position switch. I have contacted Washburn and they cannot help. The reply I received was that the guitars were made in Japan and all of those records were destroyed. I've exhausted all of my resources for the diagram and it's just not turning up anywhere. Is this a highly guarded secret or just plain voodoo? There must be thousands of these guitars out there and surely someone has this knowledge. If anyone can help, it would be most appreciated.
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I can't really help other than saying that on Seymour Duncan's website they'll probably have the right diagram, but could I see a picture of the 6-terminal volume pot?
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that sounds like a normal HSS, coil tap vol, and normal tone.

doesnt realy matter what it is, it matters whats in it.
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