hey, I asked this in the electric guitar forum, and got pretty bad results, so I'm asking here now, what do you guys think of the e-bow? is their a cheaper or more effective way to get sounds like that? the other suggestions that have been made are Fernadas pick-ups, or a real bow. So far the E-bow sounds like a good idea, does anyone have one, and what do you think? Is their a cheaper way?
Used is probably the cheapest way, or cranking your amp for sustained feedback.
Go used. I find the E-bow impractical though. I own one, it's a fun toy but past that it's hard to use on stage
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It depends on what you play as well, you might want to try one out first (I don't know where you can though, I've never seen them out in music shops).
I went shopping for one but never bought it. It's really cool to use and some people on youtube are amazing at it. I found it a bit strange that you have to rest it on the strings and basicly use 1 string at a time, when I moved it to another string it makes a bit of noise when you set it down, it should have some sort of velvet pad instead of metal to mute the strings. Also it was $130 can after tax, I got him down to $120 but after I told him online they were about $80 US he said he couldn't do that even adding tax to make it $105 CAN so I walked. Its a bit much to pay for feedback IMO. If you can find one under $80 its an ok deal I guess. I am also thinking about a Fernandez sustainer.
A Fernandes sustainer would be more expensive than an e-bow, and would require soldering and possibly routing of the guitar body if there's no space in the electronics cavity. I'm not sure it would sound like an ebow, either.

A real bow will not sound like an ebow, mostly because it's pretty difficult to use a bow on one string on a guitar, and an ebow works differently from a violin or cello bow. The rosin from the bow is also bad for one's strings, and can possibly cause pickups to cease functioning (or so I've read, I'm not exactly sure)
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An Ebow and a regular bow are VERY different. Whether or not it's worth getting is a question of what style you play.


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An Ebow and a regular bow are VERY different. Whether or not it's worth getting is a question of what style you play.


The e-bow is a whole new instrument altogether. It isn't like adding a wah pedal to your sounds.

However, when you do master using it, it does come across as pretty amazing.
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I like mine! its really cool for ambient sounds. use it with delay or reverb and it gives you some cool sounds. I guess if you're not really into synth kinds of sounds or you don't want to put some effort into learning the technique then it might not be worth it. Did you hear it on a recording or are you just looking to mess around with it?
so, I'd like to keep hearing feed back, unfortuanatly I've been gone a little while, but still collecting opinions, information, or alternatives. I have heard some recordings of it, and it sounded amazing. I'm into blues, jazz, funk, classical, that kind of stuff, and I think I may be able to put one to use. Though the more I think about it, I may just build one, though I'm not completly sure.