I am reluctantly selling my treasured Rickenbacker 4001 bass, which was made sometime in the 80s- I've not managed to find any formal identification. It was previously owned by Crispin Gray of Queenadreena and was used on their debut album 'Taxidermy'.

Here she is in action:

Queenadreena - Join The Dots (Original owner is the guitarist. Melanie Garside is playing it here)
This Is Not A Dead Transmission - These Are Streets We've Known (Here's me playing it)

Here are some pics of me with it:




Of course, it's been gigged around the world, to Hell and back... hence the low price.

I'm hoping someone can give it the loving home it deserves!
I would also consider a trade for a nice guitar, say, a Gibson Les Paul or high-end Fender of some kind, or a nice valve amp, like a Fender Twin or something- make me an offer.
If someone offers me a Fender Jaguar with some sort of humbucker, I'll be on dat shiz.
nice pics free bump
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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i dont have a fender jaguar
but i have a fender jagstang
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