Okay so my schools talent show is coming up and the metal work teacher does the sound , like volume leveling etc and he doesnt let us use amps for the talent show which is bull**** , so while my JCM2000 sits all lonely on the talent show night ill need to use a good multi FX that can cover stuff like acdc all the way to U2 and Van Halen

Any good cheap FX pedals that can do that?
Ill be playin a les paul btw

Thanks UG
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so i'm confused.. he won't let you use an amplifier at all??... so your gunna be playing a les paul.. into a fx pedal.. into nothing???.. But a cheap effects pedal.. you need to specifiy your price range.. i'd say maybe a Boss Pedal.. me-70 maybe
Boss ME20!!!!
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Why not getting a direct box and plugging your pedalboard in (if you have one)
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You can't use an amp!?

Cram the cable up your teachers butt and tell him to yell really loud.
Metalguitarest: Yes he wont because they did a few years ago and they didnt like all the wires and volume level ****ups or watever

Darkflame: Yeah i was thinking of a pocket pod , do you know if they're any good?

XBENNYx: Thanks for the links but not intrested in them , thanks anyway

utmbarto: I tried out a Me-20 at a friends house and tbh hated it

GuitarUser: I dont have a pedal board but just 3 effects pedals (tuner , boost and wah)
Thanks anyway

Poster_Nutbag: Good idea but afraid that cant happen in reality

Any other ideas UG?
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When I first played in my schools talent show I did exactly what you're wanting to do. I knew nothing about stage setups then and I had always been using my multi-effects so I didnt even see it as a problem, or how it could ever be one. Now that Im aware and more knowledgeable, I see the the odd circumstances. After that performance, they just let me use my amp, just didnt mic it. It went to a small school.

But anyway, I had used my digitech GNX4 for that particular performance. I would go for the boss listed above. From what I can hear it may not have as many options as the GNX4, from sound clips I've heard I think the boss sounds better. Either that, or if its just one show, have you thought about just getting a cheap distortion pedal? Perhaps borrow one off a friend? Although if you need multiple sounds for rhythm and lead, I can see why you'd want the multi unit. Just a thought!
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