I've got two god damn parking fines in 1 week, on Monday I went to the beach had an hour on the parking meter, got back to my car 5 mins after the hour, $80 fine. And yesterday I got another, I was absolutely busting to take a piss and there was no parking spots.. So I parked in a loading dock and ran to the toilet and back, I would have only been gone for a few minutes, $180 fine

What fines have ya'll got?
I must be a parking ticket, because I've got fine written all over me.
Small town cop, the other guy hit me, I got the ticket. I was t-boned at 60mph.

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parked my van in my friends driveway but it was over the sidewalk still. i went to get my friend to immediately go to the movies only to get out of my van to see a cop writing a ticket. i couldn't fuking believe it. i argued it though and it was reduced from 30 bucks to 5 which just seems pointless to me, they should've made it 0
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yeah im not at gc dude, i dont live there.

$119 for doing 78 (I wasn't) in a 65. Also a total of like $50 in uni parking fines.


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I must be a parking ticket, because I've got fine written all over me.

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You just got fvcked by the long, hard, dick of the law.
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i have never got a ticket


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I got second degree trespassing for sitting underneath a railroad crossing, just hanging out by a creek. It's a misdemeanor, so no fine, but I have to go to court.
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I got a $15 fine for illegal parking at our local University...also got a $50 fine for alcohol in the dorms...and then there was that thing with the hooker, but that's another story...
how about you do what the sign says?

i cant drive so i dont get them
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I don't drive, so for now I'm safe.
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Got two speeding tickets.

1 was $220 and defensive driving school and the other was $260.
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Two parking tickets and a California roll.

My friend just got a ticket for a California roll today, hahaha
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You're lucky there. In the UK, going 30mph over the speed limit will net you up to a £1000 fine and probable disqualification.

Here, doing twice the speed limit, or over 100mph will result in loss of licence and a court summons.
still waiting for my fine,

but it was a stuuupid chainreaction.
I was recently fined for:

- riding my bike without lights
- on the wrong side of the road
- in a one-way alley (wrong direction)
- while stoned
- not beeing able to show my id
- running from the cops .. 2x (because I got away the first time, but they had me the second)

I'm a really good boy, I never get in trouble with cops but this was all just so dumb


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Holy shit. That seems just a bit extravagant.

Driving 30mph over a speed limit is pretty ****ing dangerous. Someone so uncaring to speed limits shouldn't drive.

That's my opinion. Although speeding a little bit isn't too bad.