Well, it's definately a story, but after over eight weeks of waiting, my Ibanex RGR421EXFM (Blackberry Sunburst) comes in tomorrow. It's my first electric actually, so I am pretty stoked. Going to be a long day at work before I can pick 'er up.

Anyway, I'll post pics tomorrow... I am just excited
Nice, thats a great finish too, I have an ibanez szr with that finish.

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Very sexy guitar. I could see myself playing that. If you don't post pics, I'll be forced to come over to your house and steal it.
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After eight long weeks you couldn't wait one more day to post a NGD thread with pics?
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After eight long weeks you couldn't wait one more day to post a NGD thread with pics?

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After eight long weeks you couldn't wait one more day to post a NGD thread with pics?

lol, fair enough.

I actually picked it up last night but was too busy playing to post pics as well Tuning was flat but took care of that, intonation is dead on which is nice. I think the low E may be a touch low, getting some buzz but nothing coming through the amp.

There are two models (2007 and 2008) with the same part number, I was hoping I would get the 2008 which has better pickups and a five way switch rather than three, and that is what it is, so I am happy. The store threw in a hardshell and a healthy discount because of the wait as well.

Does anyone have any tips on how to reach the low E or A without deadening the high e? I was just strumming some simple E chords while watching TV and I find I keep barely touching the high e with my palm. If I press on the back of the neck more with my thumb I can get my palm a bit farther away and then it rings true, but it feels odd... I guess nothing I won't get used to though. Strings are close together compared to acoustic as well.

Pics to come tonight.

I'm disappointed nobody had posted "cool story bro" yet.

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Alright, so here we are...

Ibanez reverse headstocks are so clean...

And... One of the little guy for good measure

Can anyone point me in the way of some good online lessons? I am wondering if I am just looking to be able to play some good songs (mostly 80's and thrash metal) if I should be starting with basic chords, or trying to learn melodies... Really I just don't know where to start, it's a bit overwhelming at this point.
Online guitar lessons = download metal method and fretboard mastery. Pay for em, or download em as a torrent. Personally I DLd em, then went and bought em cause I liked them a lot.
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HNGD! Hopefully I'll have one of those very soon
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