I know I made a thread about new humbuckers two nights ago. But yesterday I picked up my strat I've left sitting for a few weeks in favour of my tele and recently my PRS copy, and fell back in love with everything but the tone. It's not horrid, but it's not terribly straty, only punchier, like I'm looking for, and it's in no ways clear like a single-coil should be. So, I've been looking into new pickups for it. At the moment I've realized I can't afford a DiMarzio True Velvet pickguard a friend of mine has in her strat that I love the sound of, I'm between either a Fender Tex Mex set since I'm poor, or Lace Hot Gold Sensors as I've heard nothing but good about them, and Pete Townshend's gold sensor-equipped strat sounded amazing when I went to see The Who.

In short, which of the two would UG say I should go for for my needs?

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Lace Sensors. The Tex Mex are good but don't hold a candle to Lace Hot Golds IMO.
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is that even a competition? I hope youre at least talking about texas specials and not the tex mex pups, but no competition, lace sensors
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Lace Sensors. The Tex Mex are good but don't hold a candle to Lace Hot Golds IMO.


Maybe try and get Eric Clapton's TBX circuit thing in your Strat, too...

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Maybe look into tonerider pickups. i'm currently getting a of humbuckers put into my epi so i can come back and tell you whether they are any good or not but from what i have heard they seem like great value for money. If you are going to spend the money on fender pickups maybe save a bit more and get the SCN.