Use PV5150 Head on British 4x12 Cabinet
5-6 bass 2.1 mid 6.3 treble

Ds distortion (or screamer overdrive for rhythm) at medium levels for all settings (45-60)

Cry wah with a minimum level of 10

For soothsayer set analog delay to 584ms with a mix of about 17-22

Also add low twin spring reverb

For soothsayer clean tone use bright clean head on british 4x12
bass mid and treble all set to 5

analog delay set to 584ms and mix about 40-50

its also important that you set the wash range to 20 low and 60 high and use it like a phaser as you pick

its also pretty important to use a compressor on the clean part

set equalizer to the large wavelength.. or whatever that is i dont know **** about equalizers i just know it sounds good
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